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Cialis Professional 20 Mg Available At Online Pharmacies

Cialis Professional is amongst the best-selling drugs for treating erectile dysfunction in men, due to the fact that they provide no less than 36 hours of efficient treatment. This is what makes Cialis the longest lasting anti-ED drug available on the market. Men who have confronted with poor sexual performance and want to achieve strong, lasting erections can use Cialis Professional for the temporary treatment of impotence.By relaxing the muscles and the tissue around the male genitals, Cialis Professional stimulates proper blood flow which is vital for achieving a strong and high-quality erection.

Do you want to benefit from the effects of Cialis Professional, yet you want to avoid embarrassing situations that may occur when you purchase this anti-ED drug from your local store? Then online drug stores can deliver Cialis Professional 20 mg to your home, in a discrete package. Besides, online pharmacies do not require a prescription, and the prices are considerably lower. Enjoying fulfilling sexual intercourse has never been easier, now that patients can order Cialis Professional 20 mg online!

The effects of Cialis Professional last at least three times more compared to the effects of the major competitive drugs, and it is also used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. For further details, contact your health care provider. Cialis is useless if there is no sexual arousal, as this drug aims to help you achieve an erection, not to harden the penis from zero. When there is sexual stimulation, the patient can achieve a very satisfying sexual erection within a quarter of an hour. Cialis Professional is commonly referred to as "The Weekend Pill", given the fact that its effect lasts up to one day and a half.

Dosage And Recommendations

Cialis Professional is available in 20 mg dose, and it is equally efficient in the treatment of mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, people who are on treatment with nitrates, drugs for hypertension, drugs used for seizures, fungal infections or for prostate problems should avoid taking Cialis Professional 20 mg. Also, people who take drugs for the treatment of AIDS or HIV infections, as well as those who have a history of heart disease should ask their doctor whether or not Cialis Professional is the most suitable choice for them.

Possible Adverse Reactions

If you notice any changes in your vision or hearing, and if you see any particular physical discomfort after taking Cialis Professional, you must discontinue the treatment and get in touch with your doctor right away. Also, if the erection lasts for more than 4 hours, this may be a case of priapism and it requires urgent medical attention, as otherwise it can lead to irreversible damage to the penis. Patients are advised against consuming alcohol in excess when taking Cialis Professional, as alcoholic beverages can cause headaches and dizziness, and they can also cause hypotension. Also, avoid drinking grapefruit juice or consuming grapefruit when on treatment with this medicine, as this fruit is known to interfere with the efficacy of the drug. Heavy smokers are also advised to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke per day, as this can lead to what is known as NAION, or vision loss related to the optic-nerve.

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